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Heal the collective by healing yourself.

My Framework for Healing

My name is Jenny! (She/her/hers) 

I am a white, cis gendered, Jewish, bisexual, woman with financial and class privileges. 


I lead this bio with my intersecting identities to draw attention to the importance of intersectionality* while engaging in holistic healing. 


Holistic healing takes into consideration your entire being. Therefore It must address sociological factors that influence your life such as, race, gender, sexual orientation and class. When we acknowledge our various identities and how they relate to the people around us, healing can begin.

*Intersectionality is a sociological and feminist frame work coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw that helps us understand how our overlapping identities fall into a system of discrimination and privilege. For info on intersectionality visit,

I define healing as a self reflective process that results in increasing awareness and peace within my body. Healing means I create boundaries with friends and family that help me feel protected and safe. 


My ultimate goal is to help you heal yourself in order to heal the collective. A more beautiful world can begin once we live true to our authentic selves.


My authentic self is a highly sensitive person who has carried mental health issues somatically since I was born. I hope to use Reiki to help you sift through physical pains and difficult emotions and call them into the light. It’s tough work but with a sense of humor and a little magic I hope to help you!

View my certifications and continuing education here.



45 minute Reiki session - $55

All of my sessions are done virtually via Google Meet. Distance Reiki is just as impactful as in-person work. 

Care and healing is for everyone. In order to accommodate people of varying incomes, I implement a sliding scale policy - no questions asked!

For an explanation of sliding scale practices you can visit this wonderful resource by community healing practitioner, Alexis J. Cunningfolk. 

To express gratitude to the Japanese lineage of Reiki, I donate a portion of my monthly earnings to the following organizations. 


Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Civic Engagement Fund

Japanese American Citizens League


To book a Reiki session please email me HERE (

New Moon Circle - $20 - sliding scale availible upon request 

Your first gathering is free! 

Once a month I host an online gathering to set intentions, reflect, and welcome the new moon. Circle involves incantations, meditation, journaling, and sharing. In this space we allow ourselves to be witnessed and heard. All are welcome. To subscribe to my mailing list please fill out the form at the top of the page.  

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